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Thursday, April 14, 2011


In reading scripture I am often amazed at the consistency of statements in the Old Testament that pertain to firsts. There was special significance given to the "first born" male child or "first fruits" and the natural linkage between worship (feasts) and agriculture (land).  God in someways tied the blessing of the land into the offering of "firsts" given to Him.  Another observation in my OT reading is God was serious about FIRST! Israel develops as a nation and God has a chat with them about "keeping the main thing the main thing" and parenthetically speaking (He was the main thing).  So what are we to make of God literally demanding to be first in everything pertaining to His creation.  Thou shall have "no other gods" before me; thou shall love the Lord thy God with all thy mind, soul, strenght (first) and honor the sabbatical laws by honoring the land and the offering with "first of the first fruits" Exodus 23:19.

This got me to thinking about my own walk with God and the walk of others I try to influence and in some cases shepherd.  God First? Me First?  I see nowhere in scripture where God has abandoned the principle of him being first in everything.  He was specific to offer him the first of the first fruits as a testament to their obedience regarding the sabbath. It would be necessary for them to trust God to produce twice the harvest in the sixth year so they would have food in the seventh year in which they were forbidden to plant.  God promised them that obedience to Him would yield them blessings. 

Today, I'm not sure that we are a nation of God first.  I am certain I have witnessed and demonstrated more of a "me first" behavior and as a result did not get a "God first" blessing.  Putting God first means that my entire life will respond to honoring him in every way in everything.  America's prosperity has set us on a course for moral destruction, emotional collapse and spiritual absence due to our materialistic, self centered cultured that will not honor God nor its fellowmen.  I realize it is easy to get off tract; no time to put anyone ahead of yourself because you're too busy "trying to make it".  When you finally arrive to the place called "make it" who is with you?  Has your family survived you placing yourself first before them? Does your community reflect a "God First" image or a "me first" reality. 

God must be First in our daily lives.  He earned it. After all, He was first in existence; first in creation, first in love, first in sacrifice, first in sharing, first in giving.  He never relinquished his claim to be "first in our lives".  We remanded him to fourth and fifth position.  He wants the first of your first fruits.  He wants the first increase of our lives which were gain supernaturally.  Without His supernatural intervention, our lives would be a do it yourself exploration.  Whatever you're doing now, stop! Honor God. Put him first in your plans, projects, programs, thoughts, dreams, desires, relationships, money and future.

A "God First" life requires thoughtfulness, obedience and faith. God First!

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  1. Wow what a Thursday word pastor you never cease to amaze me how you let Him use you. I needed that I as a multi tasker multi mom if I don't remind myself to at least try to put God first I would fall apart.