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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Our ministry this month will read, review and discuss Robert Morris book entitled: A Blessed Life.  I encourage every pastor to get a copy and share it with your local assembly.  The more we talk about being "blessed and highly favored" it creates for me a contradiction of terms and reality.  Our ministry is painstakingly reviewing the life of Abraham.  Preaching from the text of Genesis 12:1-4 points to God's intention to do great things in the life of this former resident of a pagan city.  While scholars and historians wrestle with how involved Abram was with this lifestyle, it yet places him in an environment that rejected active knowledge of God. 

My contradiction is how we seem to minister to members of the body of Christ who lay claim to transformation and blessing and cannot demonstrate the sustained blessing of God in their health, emotional life, family, neighborhoods or finances.  God's promise to Abram entails at least four "I will".  It would suggest that God was going to manifest the blessing in the life of this believer.  Yet manifested blessings are those that God delights to announce, produce and protect.  Throughout the life of Abram God consistently repeats his promise from Genesis 12. 

I believe that a blessed life leaves "breadcrumbs".  Our blessing should produce tangible proof of sustained peace, transformed communities, wealth accumulation and emotional vitality!  God's blessing on our lives is directly connected to how we "honor God" with our attitude, our priority position of Him in our lives and our money.

Your blessed life should be an attractive force to those who are intergrated into your life.  A blessed life will leave our children happy, our spouses happier and our communities thriving because of the blessing of the Holy Ghost in us.  Call me crazy, God's promise of a blessing to Abram resulted in measurable proof, sovereign protection, capacity building and a deeper worship experience that caused Abraham to thrive due to his personal generosity.

As you review your blessed life and join us for bible study this month as we read and wrestle with Robert Morris book; my prayer is that you will document the blessing of God and difference your bless life makes in the lives of others.

You're blessed!  Are your experiencing the blessing? If the answer is no; your missing link is the absence of honoring God with your life.  He's got a thing about being first in everything.  When you make "God First" you will experience a blessed life.

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