Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Friday - Good God!

Our solemn observation of the greatest moment in Christian history demand we pause and look retrospectively on the emblem of suffering and shame. Our gospel should remain rich with emphasis on the cross and the blood. Without it, we run the risk of preaching a cross-less, bloodless, gospel that reduces the grace of reconciliation.

The gruesome truth is that Jesus suffered for our salvation; that suffering during this season, some two thousand years ago was with pain-staking accuracy in order that all scripture would be fulfilled. All the roads of the past come to an end on the cross. All roads to   restorative life giving hope are paved with possibility and unmerited love toward unbelievers leads to relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Good Friday provides opportunity to reflect on forgiveness, rescue and completion of God’s plan for reconciliation. Our redemption and reunification of fellowship with the Father is the purpose of the cross. Today, we have the opportunity to forgive others who have hurt us, bury grudges and resurrect the possibility of relationship and reconciliation.

Our gathering today through intentional worship brings like-minded believers together for the soul purpose of recreating, reinventing, and resurrecting the memory of the sacrifice and thus reliving it with profound appreciation and celebration. The world will make light of the expressed demonstration of a sovereign God who loves unconditionally as though they have an inherent right to eternity with Him. We have no such right! We’ve been graced to salvation due to the fact that no work of man could ever justify the benefit of heaven.

May this resurrection season be just that for all of us who gather in His name; may we be so resurrected in forgiveness, faith, patience, doctrine, and fellowship. The cross is a bridge and a gateway. A bridge that reconnects man to God and a gateway that leads to fulfillment in life, vision, hope and aspiration…May the glory of God be resurrected in you today by the shed blood of His Son and the ultimate expression of His worship…The giving of His life that we may live forever.



  1. Thank you Pastor for that u have the abilitt to
    touch others with a Love of God. BE BLESSED.

  2. Thanks for the intro to tonights sermon...hehe