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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mr. President! You’re wrong and out of order!

Same Sex marriage has been a “hot topic” in politics for several years. Some states have approved it without much opposition. Others have assiduously fought against it. On Wednesday, May 9, 2012, President Obama endorsed same sex marriage.  I was profoundly disappointed for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, this was not an evolving thought as suggested. The one thing you can count on in politics is "politricks".  Our President like many before him campaign to the right or left, govern in the center, then return to the right or left for their re-election.  So let’s get this straight; he was going to take this position regardless. Timing was key and thanks to his 'loose lip Vice President' (which I believe was sent out to test this trial balloon) he stated his support for Gay Marriage before the Democratic Convention in North Carolina this fall. 

This is not a gay issue, although its focus seems to be; it is a distraction to the bigger satanic agenda in America to dismiss, discredit and devalue the Bible as the word of God. His support of civil unions, same sex marriage is a political payback to the many people of same sex persuasion that contributed greatly to his campaign, worked their tails off to get him elected and contributed to his success in governing the nation while pulling it from the brink of global economic tragedy. 

This is not a call to the Black Church to burn your voter registration cards and leave your political affiliation over a single issue.  Be real, this President's agenda on education, environment, health care, foreign policy, and our economy is headed in the right direction. He's wrong to suggest the definition of marriage should be revisited. 
The broader agenda for the Same Sex marriage initiative is to show the world that America has now been fully integrated with a cosmological theology and have separated itself from its founding faith. Additionally, the proponents of this initiative have successfully secured Executive Support from the White House, Legislative power from the state houses and tremendous corporate support from 'deep pocket' captains of industry.  The Christian Church is the enemy of those proponents who look to discredit the Holy Bible and re-label it as "hate speech" by those who are antithetical to their lifestyle.

 If we restart the debate around homosexuality and its 'mainstreaming' in today's society we play right into the hands of the non-believing humanist zealots who have cursed God with their lips; shaken their fists in His face and demonstrated that those of us who preach unconditional love have difficulty at times practicing that love. Our commitment to love the sinner while despising sin must be tempered to reflect God’s unconditional love of us while we were far from God. The hypocrisy of the Christian church is that we can't pick and choose which sin we will protest the loudest on and which one will be on the "buddy system"  (I won't tell if you don't tell).  The bible which I believe and accept as the Word of God is clear about homosexuality and every other sin under the sun. I am not homophobic nor do I hate anyone. Overt sin and covert sin are both sin.

If we narrow our response to just the President's personal opinion which is being interpreted as the 'green light' for legislation about same sex marriage as the basis of our anger, disgust and disdain for a President (who is to be respected, admired and applauded for his valiant efforts in the darkest days of America since the Great Depression), then we're wrong.  This President is misguided on his understanding of his Christian faith, unaware of the beliefs of this Judeo-Christian religion, wrong on his liberty to espouse and opine on matters of scripture for which he is not qualified to speak. 

I believe he disrespected millions of Christian voters and particularly the social conservative Black church around a moral subject that is widely denounced.  Marriage by definition and function is only between a male and female.  The purpose of marriage in the beginning was to procreate. Homosexual marriage cannot fulfill that purpose, thus, the difference is the difference. I am baffled that he can throw the bible out of the White House window while promulgating his enhanced analysis and revisionist temperament. 

It's the suggested revision on what I hold to be Holy Scripture that riles my indignant and righteous anger at his comments. I respect his civil libertarian argument that attempts to accommodate the rights of free citizens given by the constitution. America shows its greatness by securing freedom of speech and the right to one’s opinion; but I stand in strong objection when the President of the United States of America attempts to serve as a revisionist on the bible, and by suggestion determine that God's definition of marriage requires inclusion of what He originally never intended. 

My concern for the President is his position as the leader of the free world; espousing an opinion in direct opposition to our Almighty God.  We've got too many examples in scripture illustrating how nations suffer because of the hubris of its leaders.  The President is an elected official, not an oracle of God! He is not the spiritual head of the country but the governmental Head with responsibilities and accountabilities to its citizenry.  The faithful will not stand idle while the faith is being attacked, no matter from where or from whom the attack comes.

I am in full support of the right of citizens to believe, practice and pursue whatever life they believe is best for them. It is proven from history, you cannot legislate morality. I am not in support of those who are offended by our Christian practice, faith and fundamental belief in God.  They can be who they are and we will be who we are and God will determine where we wind up!  The fate of religious institutions in America may face jeopardy as our society moves to meld them into one homogenize society with no distinctions. 

So this issue is not about same sex marriage, it could be poverty, race, sexism or any other trigger. If the end result is revising the word of God and reinterpreting His intent based on our expediency then our response is the same. Mr. President, you're wrong and out of order and I am deeply offended not by your opinion but your arrogance to suggest revising Holy Scripture to make it support your need for re-election.
The political worldview is always at odds with church’s moral convictions. He said he settled on civil unions because he thought that would satisfy the gay community. His numerous equivocations make even his most staunch supporters grit their teeth in disapproval. 

It is a sign of the times and a reminder that no one conquered Rome; it imploded.